For individual, recreational travellers

Is this going to be the travel of your life? Are you planning a honeymoon? Have you chosen a special destination?

Our Center’s mission is to make sure you return home full of wonderful memories, experiences, and in good health. We help you in everything with our advice to avoid ruining your vacation with a hospital stay for diarrhea or any other disease. Tiba-Med Travel Medicine and Vaccination Center provides a comprehensive – vaccination and prevention – personally tailored service.

We are waiting for your registration as soon as the accurate time and destination of your travel is available. Travellers are typically advised to book an appointment with our outpatient office 4 to 6 weeks before departure. In cases of longer journeys, delegations, extreme sports we recommend a visit to our outpatient service 8 to 10 weeks beforehand. There are destinations for which it makes sense to come in for an urgent visit as few as one or two days before travelling and get a minimum level of protection before departure.

If you require, we put together your travel pharmacy specifically to your planned destination. 

We honestly appritiate, if you shared your pleasant experiences, observations with us after returning.

For business travellers

Hungarian and international corporations, enterprises, institutions more and more frequently initiate and support the outlandish experiences of their colleagues. 

For employers, paying extra attention to occupational medicine related aspects may become a special highlight when it comes to ensuring that their employees spend their foreign study trips or business negotiation assignments in a good state of health, fully able to work, enjoying top level immunological protection. Such preventive measures are often a way to avoid the unpleasant consequences of occupational accidents and subsequent liability suits for damages. For these purposes, our company offers the following travel medical services: 

Aptitude test before delegation

Personally tailored particular medical and vaccination advice.

For travellers who work for an aid organization and/or do charity work abroad

As a result of engaged people’s helpfulness and willingness to assist, a lot of churches and civil organizations, rescue services work in remote, exotic locations, third-world countries, in areas struck by epidemics or disaster. Upon request period, date and destination of the mission we provide a preparation for the traveller to ensure that the activity will be successful.

For travellers with children

We provide prevention and protection having respect for the physiological specialities and the different need of children. We initiate consultation with the GPs if needed, in favour of the minimized strain for the children.

Travel Medical Services