Vaccination depending on scope of activities

Hazard of infection occurs more frequently in certain sectors and in certain scopes of activities. People employed in the children’s nursing or education institutions, health care workers, water management professionals, outdoor workers, animal care workers etc. have a greater risk to be exposed with contagion compared to the average person. Avoiding these risks is the interest of both the employer and the employee. Knowing the scope of activities we are pleased to inform you about the diseases which are avoidable using vaccination, and we perform vaccination for the employees.

Women’s health, pregnancy

The children’s immunity against particluar infectious diseases is formed by the age of 3 owing to the developement of the immune system and the prescribed vaccination. When planning to have a baby, it is important that both parents receive all currently available vaccines. In this way diseases are avoidable which may often cause very serious pathological changes during pregnancy, including potential harm to the unborn baby. 

When planning family you are advised to think ahead. A simple blood test is all it takes to find out what infections you have undergone in the past. In light of the results, we can establish whether you need any vaccination. If you do, we will draw up a vaccination plan and ensure the mother’s and the baby’s protection against potential infections. 

Immune deficiency 

Immune deficiency occurs for example in case of recipients of biological therapy, administration of medicaments in neoplastic or inflammatory diseases, HIV infection, after transplantation, or rarely under congenital circumstances. Special cases like these patients are strongly advised to have their infectious disease history by undergoing a laboratory investigation (serological tests). Later, patients are recommended to receive repeated injections of routine vaccines or, for those without prior immunization, have a vaccination plan prepared and receive the listed vaccines.

I am interested in a campaign vaccine (e.g. influenza) 

Depending on epidemiological situation there exist recommendations for certain vaccines, that we call campaign vaccines. Like for example influenza that returns every autumn-winter season. A vaccination campaign can ensure an adequate level of immunity for a community within a short period of time. In a vaccination campaign, immunity is provided by selected vaccines specific to the season’s own prevalent viruses.