Medical professional counseling in pandemic

Complex counseling extended to field of work.

Packages include:

A practical customized counseling realized after going-over and evaluation. The measure package recommendation brings specifically the pandemic points of occupational health into focus. If needed we perform educational (for example disinfectant technics) or informative presentations included the mental issues caused by pandemic.


  • Offices up to 1500 m2 or 100 employees
  • Production up to 1000 m2 or 100 employees


  • Offices from1501 to 7500 m2 or 101-500 employees
  • Production from 1001 to 5000 m2 or 101-500 employees


  • Offices over 7500 m2 or 500 employees
  • Production over 5000 m2 or 500 employees


1. Package250.000 HUF
2. Package450.000 HUF
3. Package600.000 HUF