Why is it worth to prepare in time?

It is best to start finding out what vaccines are recommended for you and your family about 4 to 6 weeks prior to the departure. Our Travel Medicine Clinic helps you to prepare for the travel health risks. In case the preparing period is shorter, you are also advised to make an appointment, we can support the preservation of your health with a lot of useful information.

In wich cases are you advised to consult an international vaccination center?

  • travel to extremely high/low temperature destinations 
  • travel for exploration 
  • travel for hunting 
  • travel for sports 
  • travel to areas struck by epidemics 
  • international travel/extended periods of stay 
  • study trips, student exchange programs 
  • travel and employment abroad 
  • travel related to charity work 
  • pregnant women 
  • immune disease patients 
  • patients with severe underlying conditions (e.g. heart failure) 
  • seeking vaccination for your child