The key profile of our outpatient service is the prevention of traveler’s diseases.

The counseling session and the vaccination take 45 minutes on average for the first visit and 30 minutes for a vaccination visit. 

Consultancy includes recording journey-related facts: purpose, destination country, duration; assessment of diseases potentially affecting the trip, personal risk factors, and general health condition.

Once these facts are known, advice focused on the client’s travel destination and health condition follows, with assessment of high-risk circumstances, and recommendations on chemical prophylaxis (prevention by drugs) and vaccination.

Before signing the consent form, the patient is informed about the contents of the vaccine and possible adverse reactions listed on its label, and about what to do in that case. Unless we detect a counterindication we inject the vaccine, after than the administration of the vaccine and related paperwork are completed.

Finally we perscibe the medicines and/or certifications needed, and if necessary make the next appointments.