When staying abroad it may be useful to take some medicine with you to be able to treat banal symptoms. You cannot buy all medicines in every country and it’s also well known that in some countries the quality of the medicines is not always reliable.

What should the travel kit contain?

  • Regularly taken medicines
  • For wounds: disinfectants: Betadine, bandages: sterile gauze bandage, quick wound plaster
  • Thermometer, antipyretics: Algopyrin, Nurofen, Paracetamol
  • Gripes: antispasmodics: Nospa, distension: Espumisan, hyperacidity: Rennie
  • Diarrhea: probiotics, Normolyt powder, Smecta, ORS powder, Bolus adstringens
  • Constipation: Guttalax, Dulcolax
  • Bites, itching: Fenistil gel
  • Sunburnt: Panthenol, Neogranormon
  • Sore throat: Septofort, Tantum Verde
  • For helping fall asleep: Valeriana or precsribed drugs